Advanced Etsy WordPress Widget

Advanced Etsy Widget is a smart and easy-to-install WordPress widget that allows you to display your Etsy Shop Listings on your WordPress website!

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  • Easy to setup
  • Options to show for listings: Photos, Titles, Links
  • Customizable Display Options
  • No limit on number of listings to show
  • Option to display product prices or not
  • Shop Link
  • Uses WordPress caching, so it does not slow down your site
  • Grid View!
  • New in Version 2.2 (updated 2021): Support for Wordpress v5.8 (Block editor)
  • Demo site - see it live!


This widget supports version 2 of the Etsy API. Etsy has recently claimed that version 2 will be discontinued in 2022. For an updated WordPress plugin that supports Etsy API version 3, please see Advanced Etsy Block.


Find the documentation here.

Advanced Etsy Widget can also be used within a Post or Page following these instructions.



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